E-DIPTI-X is an electronic music band created in the late 2016 by 2 friends, both enlightened music amateurs.

One, passionate about synthesizers, is a keyboard player who formerly featured in progressive-rock bands (The Audience is Listening, The Black Doves, The Hooded Moon) while the other is a former DJ passionate about sound.

They both grew-up in the decade the synthesizer’s reign was born, namely the 80’s. They were immersed by sounds from legendary synths such as D-50, DX7, Prophet, Fairlight CMI, TB-03, TR-808, TR-909…

No need to say that their inspiration and feelings are deeply anchored in the warmth of analogic sounds while they still look ahead to be on the cutting edge of technology.

Their music can be qualified as electronic with a touch of pop, a hint of ambient and chill-out, all of it wrapped-up in a progressive schedule.

They are willing to explore and experience various approaches in their creation process… and now opening new horizons by starting several collaborations with fellow enthusiasts.

We have to admit that due to their progressive nature most of our songs are a bit too long to claim a radio format. However, some titles do respond well to this 3 to 5 minutes format. We propose you hereunder an overview of these tracks (you can download them directly on this page).

Léolie (temporary title), upcoming album (2020)

Dame Nature (collaboration avec Sylvie Line, 2020)
Inhuman Man (Universal Emotions from Nephylion – 2019)
A New Start (Analog Exploration Of A Curiosity Cabinet – 2018)

We also plan to rework several songs so that they can be played on the radio. When we will have some time…

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