23 04 20 Session

Another great working session!

We worked on tracks 2 and 3 from the beginning of the album and they’re coming along nicely. We added some sonic and melodic touches to refine them.

By the way, we recently fell for the prank of SynthGPT, which claimed to be able to generate any sound from simple text (text-to-patch). Even though it seems improbable for now, we believe this technology will soon be a reality.

During our next session, we’ll focus on the tracks we couldn’t import from the Mpc.

We’ll need to discuss our equipment because the last experience didn’t leave a positive impression on us… Stay tuned!

23 04 13 session

Last week, our band didn’t have a working session, but Xav worked on the latest song using a Beat Scholar to create an interesting percussion line.

Tonight, we decided to put aside that song and focus on some less advanced pieces. We went through the early songs of our album and noticed that most of them hadn’t been modified since last year.

It gave us a strange impression: what have we accomplished in the beginning of this year?

So, we decided to work on two pieces that were created by James and were very messy. To our pleasant surprise, we were able to clean them up quite easily, mainly because one of those pieces was based mainly on a single chord. It was a nice surprise for all of us 😉

30 03 2023 Session

Hey guys!

We had an amazing session in the studio. The composition of track number 12 called “Train-Train” is almost finished. We’ll have to replay the different tracks, but the structure and the sound are satisfactory.

Then we hesitated between working on a song that was only just sketched out and doing another Jam session.

When we heard track 77 again, which was the result of a long Jam session that unfortunately did not bear fruit, we decided to clean it up generously and start again from a good base. This track is built around a bass synth arpeggio and an analogue sound effect. We added layers, bass and a drum pattern using the latest Beat Scholar plugin. The result is quite promising as the track is quite rhythmic and catchy. We had a great evening in creative jam mode!

We can’t wait to share our new album with you. We already have a lot of ideas in mind, especially for another rhythm based album called “Shapes”. But before that, we’re going to take stock of all the tracks on our current album.

Stay tuned and feel free to tell us what you think of our work in progress. We love to hear what you think of our creations!

2023 03 24 SESSION

We had a great time after 2 weeks of interruption. The Hydrasynth equipped with its new firmware also offers us new sounds that we did not resist testing.

And guess what, we have 2 new songs in the works for this jam session that finally kept us busy all evening.

There is a piece focused on the piano (from Kronos, Hydrasynth is not made for that) and a low beat piece that will have amused us a lot and that you will like I am sure.

Mon amie

Get ready to be swept away in a whirlwind of joy with our brand-new single “Mon amie”!

This song celebrates male-female friendship with a touch of humor. You won’t be able to help but smile and tap your foot.

Listen now to a taste of what lies ahead.

And that’s not all! We decided to integrate AI into the creation of the album cover, which will add a touch of originality to this new track.

Tell us which image you prefer and don’t hesitate to give us your feedback!

Blue Noiz

Hi everyone!

Today, I would like to talk to you about Blue Noiz, a French Youtuber that I discovered a little over a year ago and already mentioned several times.

Blue Noiz is a “reviewer” that offers reviews of devices (synthesizers, drum machines, etc.). I was intrigued by his videos on the famous Soma machines, and I immediately appreciated his humor and passion for synthesizers and sound design.

He managed to amass more than 1000 subscribers on his Youtube channel, and I think it’s deserved. I really like its “long” approach to review devices user manuals, as it helps to understand all the features of these devices.

He ends his videos with his personal opinion on the advantages and disadvantages of the instrument, as well as a demo but also proposes short videos that highlight the sound capabilities or features of devices.

I highly recommend Blue Noiz to all synthesizer lovers who want to discover new devices in French. He meets a certain success and offers more and more interesting instruments. He has even managed to establish partnerships with manufacturers, proving its growing notoriety.

I had the opportunity to build a human relationship with Blue Noiz over the months, and I was even able to test the Implexus during an exchange with my Lyra and Enner. I hope to one day meet him in person to seal our friendship.

To give you an overview of his work, I invite you to watch the video that hooked me: that of the Pipe from Soma https://youtu.be/zvWnX9_0HU4

You can find more videos on his Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/c/BlueNoiz and on his Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/BlueNoizOfficial

Do not hesitate to discover his content and subscribe to his channel!

Live set-up

The reason we’re quiet at the moment is that we’re working hard on the live set-up.

The general structure of the album is taking shape.

Now it’s time for the technical choices…

On our label : Black Moon Tape

The release of a Black Moon Tape album is always an event (for me). Of course there is a nostalgic side to listening to these melodies to which I contributed, a little bit, a long time ago, in the genealogy of the group.

But above all it is always a qualitative moment with a strong personality.

To consume and share without moderation, the latest album Asaliah

On Hello Birds Records


This time we are happy to announce the

official release of our album 2022 H.E.L.E.N. on August 15th

H.E.L.E.N. for Human Extension through Linear Extrapolation of Nature develops a classic theme of science fiction, the exodus of humanity into space. This scenario is perfectly in keeping with the duo’s 80’s culture and the space visuals regularly associated with electro concepts. It offers the challenge of being able to develop the evolution of the protagonists’ feelings between the alarmist and definitive observation of the end of civilisation and the arrival on a virgin planet where everything can start again (Nephilion).

Although the story is totally fictional, one cannot help but identify a resonance with current events. The ecological problems, the health situation, the conflicts in the East, the progress in the field of space… However, it is by no means a moral work, even if it is based on deep foundations that can invite reflection. The works that inspired this concept give our duo a rather positive feeling.

Yet the health crisis inevitably influenced the album. Of course there was the uncertainty that accompanied the beginning of the pandemic. But above all, the confinement forced the duo to work at a distance, which led to a work based on virtual instruments allowing each of them to work on their own… And this choice marks a radical change in an approach initially based on physical instrumentation (hardware).

En attendant de retrouver notre album sur vos plateformes de streaming préférées, vous pouvez déjà retrouver nos morceaux en exclusivité sur notre chaîne YouTube et notre compte BandCamp.

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