Human Extension through Linear Extrapolation of Nature, an album about a fantastic exodus during a pandemic.

1 – Le constat (4’42”)
2 – Les indices (4’51”)
3 – Le prix de la liberté (4’42”)
4 – Makers (5’00”)
5 – Le départ (4’32”)
6 – Les embûches (8’06”)
7 – La croisière (5’44”)
8 – Les bons moments (5’25”)
9 – Les conflits (5’00”)
10 – L’état des lieux (4’02”)
11 – A bout de souffle (4’52”)
12 – L’arrivée (5’32”)

This album has been released on streaming platforms under the Hello Birds (Freaksville) records label (August 15th 2022).

E-dipti-X is in its fifth year when lockdown is imposed on all of humanity. It is in these special conditions that HELEN was born. The idea takes shape more precisely during a jog, listening to EatStatic’s album Zzz and the recent memory of reading Isaac Asimov’s work in mind.

1 year after the release of Fragments of a New Horizon, the duo continues their exploration of style and working method. Until now the band found the coherence of its albums rather a posteriori in order to leave a maximum of room for spontaneity. And it was only once that the group had lent itself to composition under constraint with its single Rewind in 2018 during a challenge on the web. But this time, the HELEN album is built around a story, a red thread.

H.E.L.E.N. for Human Extension through Linear Extrapolation of Nature will thus develop a classic theme of science-fiction, the exodus of humanity into space. This scenario fits perfectly into the 80’s culture of the duo and the spatial visual regularly associated with electro concepts. It offers the challenge of being able to develop the evolution of the feelings of the protagonists between the alarmist and definitive observation of the end of civilization and the arrival on a virgin planet where everything can start again (Nephilion).

Totally fictional story, we can not help but identify a resonance with the news. Ecological problems, the health situation, conflicts in the east, progress in the space field… However, it is by no means a moral work even if it rests on deep foundations that can invite reflection. The works that inspired this concept give our duo a rather positive feeling.

However, the health crisis inevitably influenced the album. Of course, there is the uncertainty that accompanied the beginning of the pandemic. But above all, the confinement forced the duo to work remotely, which led to work based on virtual instruments allowing them to work separately… And this choice marks a radical change in an approach initially based on physical instrumentation (hardware).

At the time of writing the usual deadline for the release of the album is largely exceeded. We will not stick to the 12 months of censorship of the past year. So if this has also been accompanied by a weakening of activities on social networks, we are no less active and have initiated in parallel the concept 2022-2023.

HELEN will thus precede by a few months the live set dedicated to the exploration of the new planet “Nephilion”. But chhht, it’s still a secret…

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