Devices : Implexus

Today I’d like to introduce you to a device. It is a new machine and it is not (yet) part of our setup. This allows me to share with you what I like about synths and what will contribute to the E-dipti-X sound.

I have been waiting for a few days for Blue Noiz’s review to share my enthusiasm for this original synth, the Implexus from Majella Audio.

Today the number of machines passed in our hands is quite significant and the studio setup tends to decrease. After a phase of research of 80-90’s devices, the tendency evolves towards modern devices with well marked sound character.

This is the case of the Implexus which, through its design, goes off the beaten track with its complex oscillator and its editing logic.

To give you an idea of the sounds I plan to get from it, I propose you an extract of this video

It will certainly be evolving sounds with rhythmic patterns and yes, it’s only one sound based on 2 oscillators!

Don’t hesitate to tell us what you think about it.

And for the fans, I propose you the complete review (long version) of Blue Noiz (FR)

May 12th session

Very good news today.

Xav is putting the last touches to our 2022 HELEN album. There are still some small details (a reverb to be added on the end of a song, a phrase to be re-recorded) and we’ll be able to start the publishing process. Yeeees! And we are delighted with the result (are we impartial 😉 ).

Kim offers us the first version of the cover based on the story. And as always, it’s different from what we had in mind, much better… It’s always a pleasure to discover the fruit of his work. We offer you the first visual to which we just have to add the title and the logo.

And the next album is ongoing. The concept is established, many ideas already recorded, the whole thing starts to take shape and coherence.

Contrary to the previous purely studio albums, this time it is a composition that is entirely intended for live performance. An album of course (12 tracks), but our firm objective is to propose it on stage in order to go out and meet the public.

The concept will naturally be the continuation of HELEN, discovering this new world called Nephilion.

Artist discovery : KEBU

For this first artist presentation I chose Kebu.

Kebu is a Finnish solo keyboardist who developed in 2012 his own electro melodic style inspired by the 80’s.

Initially he was characterized by a fully hardware set-up of 70s and 80s devices. Even today even if more recent devices joined the set-up, his shows are still based on hardware (absence of laptop / pc as it becomes the norm) and are performances.

The soft and pleasant sounds plunge us back into the 80s, which have become up to date again (have they ever disappeared?).

Kebu now has 4 albums and several EPs to his credit.

I propose you to listen to the first piece I discovered of this artist and which remains my favorite, Perplexagone Part 3.

More info

The idea of these articles is to introduce you to artists we like and that you probably do not know. Good discovery!

Syntrx review by Blue Noiz (FR)

I can’t resist sharing this Syntrx review from my friend Blue Noiz (I promise I’ll present him longer, one day).
In the meantime, he tells us about this unusual synth, designed for sound design, as we like them. A device like any other right out of the dream of owning an EMS Synthi one day…
It’s a long review, for beautiful devices lovers. Otherwise the last few minutes are devoted to sound demo…

5th May pre-session

Here is the digital side of the studio: Waldorf Kyra & Iridium, my good old Korg Z1 (the best synth I ever owned)…
A good time reconnecting all the gears to MIDI finalizing the set-up.
Then tonight’s session will be dedicated to recording sounds using the Soma Enner for this year’s live setup project.

Pulsar 23

Hello everyone, I can’t resist sharing with you the link to a friend’s channel that presents the Pulsar 23.
I’ll have the opportunity to talk to you in more detail about the Pulsar 23 and Blue Noize (yes I’m procrastinating ;-)).
The Pulsar 23 is a machine that is a bit noisy, but it is part of a set of amazing instruments from Soma Laboratory and I hope to be able to integrate these devices in our E-dipti-X set-up.
We’ve already does it sparingly with the Lyra 8 and the Pipe…This will probably lead to some strong character pieces next year.
In the meantime you can find more videos of the Pulsar and other devices on the Blue Noiz channel Blue Noiz.

Interview Radio-Rectangle

Wednesday, October 13, 2021, E-dipti-X participated in the interview of the Freaksville Music Show of our label Hello Birds Records. The opportunity to spend a pleasant time in good company.

We will soon tell you more about our label and its other musicians.

Good listening.


We are pleased to announce the release of our second part of the Fragment of a New Horizon: Persistence diptych.

A new sensational journey amongst homemade progressive instrumental songs founded on analog sounds, areal pads and iconic strings.

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