5th May pre-session

Here is the digital side of the studio: Waldorf Kyra & Iridium, my good old Korg Z1 (the best synth I ever owned)…
A good time reconnecting all the gears to MIDI finalizing the set-up.
Then tonight’s session will be dedicated to recording sounds using the Soma Enner for this year’s live setup project.

Pulsar 23

Hello everyone, I can’t resist sharing with you the link to a friend’s channel that presents the Pulsar 23.
I’ll have the opportunity to talk to you in more detail about the Pulsar 23 and Blue Noize (yes I’m procrastinating ;-)).
The Pulsar 23 is a machine that is a bit noisy, but it is part of a set of amazing instruments from Soma Laboratory and I hope to be able to integrate these devices in our E-dipti-X set-up.
We’ve already does it sparingly with the Lyra 8 and the Pipe…This will probably lead to some strong character pieces next year.
In the meantime you can find more videos of the Pulsar and other devices on the Blue Noiz channel Blue Noiz.

Interview Radio-Rectangle

Wednesday, October 13, 2021, E-dipti-X participated in the interview of the Freaksville Music Show of our label Hello Birds Records. The opportunity to spend a pleasant time in good company.

We will soon tell you more about our label and its other musicians.

Good listening.


We are pleased to announce the release of our second part of the Fragment of a New Horizon: Persistence diptych.

A new sensational journey amongst homemade progressive instrumental songs founded on analog sounds, areal pads and iconic strings.

Persistence – EP part II

The second phase of our 2021 diptych is coming soon, it’s called Persistence!
Release process is ongoing, and EP will be available mid-October.
Until release date is confirmed, here is the introduction track, enjoy, like, share to support us…

Dame Nature Live

Dame Nature is a song made in collaboration with Sylvie Line.
It appears on our 2021 album Fragments of a New Horizon – Blooming.

Extract from June 4th 2021 Sylvie-line FB live. Lyrics and sing : Sylvie Line – Music, arrangements and production : E-dipti-X


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