Persistence – EP part II

The second phase of our 2021 diptych is coming soon, it’s called Persistence!
Release process is ongoing, and EP will be available mid-October.
Until release date is confirmed, here is the introduction track, enjoy, like, share to support us…

Dame Nature Live

Dame Nature is a song made in collaboration with Sylvie Line.
It appears on our 2021 album Fragments of a New Horizon – Blooming.

Extract from June 4th 2021 Sylvie-line FB live. Lyrics and sing : Sylvie Line – Music, arrangements and production : E-dipti-X

Jam M7 Recovery

Little jam session that will figure on 2020 album (draft).

  • Perfourmer (Vermona)
  • DRM1 (Music & More) 1’14”
  • Sub37 (Moog Music) via Thym (Bastl Instruments) 1’50”
  • Z1 (Korg) 3’32”
  • Lyra8 (Soma Laboratory) via Big Sky (Strymon) 4’00”
  • Hydrasynth (Ashum Sound Machines) 4’13”

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