Hey guys!

We had an amazing session in the studio. The composition of track number 12 called “Train-Train” is almost finished. We’ll have to replay the different tracks, but the structure and the sound are satisfactory.

Then we hesitated between working on a song that was only just sketched out and doing another Jam session.

When we heard track 77 again, which was the result of a long Jam session that unfortunately did not bear fruit, we decided to clean it up generously and start again from a good base. This track is built around a bass synth arpeggio and an analogue sound effect. We added layers, bass and a drum pattern using the latest Beat Scholar plugin. The result is quite promising as the track is quite rhythmic and catchy. We had a great evening in creative jam mode!

We can’t wait to share our new album with you. We already have a lot of ideas in mind, especially for another rhythm based album called “Shapes”. But before that, we’re going to take stock of all the tracks on our current album.

Stay tuned and feel free to tell us what you think of our work in progress. We love to hear what you think of our creations!

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