Artist discovery : KEBU

For this first artist presentation I chose Kebu.

Kebu is a Finnish solo keyboardist who developed in 2012 his own electro melodic style inspired by the 80’s.

Initially he was characterized by a fully hardware set-up of 70s and 80s devices. Even today even if more recent devices joined the set-up, his shows are still based on hardware (absence of laptop / pc as it becomes the norm) and are performances.

The soft and pleasant sounds plunge us back into the 80s, which have become up to date again (have they ever disappeared?).

Kebu now has 4 albums and several EPs to his credit.

I propose you to listen to the first piece I discovered of this artist and which remains my favorite, Perplexagone Part 3.

More info

The idea of these articles is to introduce you to artists we like and that you probably do not know. Good discovery!

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