Artist discovery : Mr Firechild

Today I would like to introduce you to Mr Firechild. He is a Swedish keyboardist who composes 80’s tracks on a collection of extraordinary machines.

His melodies are very nice and he has a real talent to showcase these exceptional synths.

Because yes, besides music, he makes all the keyboardists in the world dreaming by showcasing almost all the legendary synths in his studio.

He is an artist who likes to compose and record in “mono-device” way. Meaning he does everything on one single synth. Of course on many tracks in overdubbing mode. It’s not a set-up for live performance (like Kebu). This single-device approach is perfect to get an idea of the capabilities and sonic footprint of an instrument.

It is therefore quite logical that I present you Mr Firechild because he allowed me to choose some devices based on the sound that can be expected from them (for example the Waldorf Pulse). So I propose you the track “The Pulse of my heart”

Mr Firechild has plenty of other such demos and has also released many nice albums. Check out his channel and his website,

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