Blue Noiz

Hi everyone!

Today, I would like to talk to you about Blue Noiz, a French Youtuber that I discovered a little over a year ago and already mentioned several times.

Blue Noiz is a “reviewer” that offers reviews of devices (synthesizers, drum machines, etc.). I was intrigued by his videos on the famous Soma machines, and I immediately appreciated his humor and passion for synthesizers and sound design.

He managed to amass more than 1000 subscribers on his Youtube channel, and I think it’s deserved. I really like its “long” approach to review devices user manuals, as it helps to understand all the features of these devices.

He ends his videos with his personal opinion on the advantages and disadvantages of the instrument, as well as a demo but also proposes short videos that highlight the sound capabilities or features of devices.

I highly recommend Blue Noiz to all synthesizer lovers who want to discover new devices in French. He meets a certain success and offers more and more interesting instruments. He has even managed to establish partnerships with manufacturers, proving its growing notoriety.

I had the opportunity to build a human relationship with Blue Noiz over the months, and I was even able to test the Implexus during an exchange with my Lyra and Enner. I hope to one day meet him in person to seal our friendship.

To give you an overview of his work, I invite you to watch the video that hooked me: that of the Pipe from Soma

You can find more videos on his Youtube channel and on his Facebook page

Do not hesitate to discover his content and subscribe to his channel!

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