KEBU 2 – DRM-1

We recently introduced you to Kebu, this friendly Finnish keyboardist. But what does this have to do with E-dipti-X?

Well, in addition to a source of inspiration for the play and the live setup, there is the sounds of these devices that awaken our ears. The 70s and 80s devices keep a stamp that modern machines never cease to want to imitate. Without making here the analog / digital, hardware / vst (software) debate (less and less relevant regarding computer progress), we can’t resist seeking to approach these famous sounds.

And we are equipped with 2 similar devices we will try to make the most of.

The first: DRM1.

This model was produced by 3 manufacturers (initially Music & More, TBS (Touched By Sound) and today Vermona).

It is an analog percussion generator with very vintage sounds.

A generator only and not a drum machine. DRM1 has no sequencer.

Its sound palette makes it possible to produce round and deep sounds for techno or much more aggressive sounds for a more industrial style that particularly interests us.

We will come back to this aspect in later post about Soma equipment.

Here it will be the characteristic effect side of the oscillator 3 “multi” that will arouse our curiosity.

Here is a demo that we made in single-device mode.

The second is the Yamaha EX7, a workstation that includes among other things the syntheses and sounds of the S series.

To taste again the sweet melodies of Kebu and discover the sounds of the Yamaha, I propose the track entirely based on the Yamaha S30 (mono-device) “The Lunar Effect”

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