CUBASE and inspiring People

Hello friends,

So far, we have presented you a few of our favourite hardware synthesisers (there are more to come… don’t worry 😉) but today we would like to say a word on the core tool that we use to gather all these instruments and let them play together in harmony… we name it CUBASE.

But what is Cubase? Probably everybody has heard about Photoshop and knows basically what it does. Well, here is a simplistic comparison: Cubase is to audio what Photoshop is to photo.

Cubase is a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) that makes possible to hold a mobile music studio in a minimal amount of space.

Image you can have this unaffordable setup we dream of…

…entirely built in into this nowadays common piece of technology

…so, it looks like

Using Cubase we record music notes (thank you MIDI) as well as audio waves (through audio card) from hardware synths, we arrange all recordings, we add them effects (e.g. modulation, delay, reverb, distortion, etc) to bring more life, we mix them all together so that they find their place in frequency spectrum, and we master the final output to match with today’s audio streaming platforms standards.

Cubase offers a huge – almost limitless – number of possibilities to transform and shape a sound, for example:

  • Sound can be equalised if we want to emphasise or cut one or several harmonics or give the sound a darker or brighter coloration
  • Sound can be time stretched to map with musical tempo
  • Sound can be sampled and sliced to generate ‘spin-off’ sounds
  • Beat alignment can be corrected after recording if we ever missed a beat
  • Even a single erroneous music note can be corrected…very useful when your fingers do not hit the right key 😉

Cubase offers almost infinite options but its power can sometimes be buried in ‘hidden’ buttons or menus.

Luckily, we can rely on inspiring people to reveal Cubase little secrets and let the magic operates:

Thank you both for the precious tips!

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