Introducing State Azure

Today I introduce you to State Azure, a UK-based producer of ambient electronic music.

His particularity is to offer lives sessions that easily exceed 3 hours in calm and relaxing style.

Furthermore, this musician has a nice studio very well equipped.

On the one hand, there is a modular setup that he uses, among other things, to produce generative music.

On the other side we notice a set of quality devices including the Waldorf Iridium.

Stater Azure has also produced a few videos centered on limited equipment approaching the mono-device approach.

This makes it possible to appreciate the qualities of the Iridium that also equips our studio and I will talk about one day in the context of granular synthesis.

To illustrate the work of State Azure, I propose you a video that I find mesmerizing, the cover of the excellent In the air tonight with a captivating female voice.

Do not hesitate to discover his work on the various streaming platforms or his Youtube channel.

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